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Townsville Franchise
History of ETyreStore

ETyreStore was created by the Coleman Family, which has been operating in the Tyre Inudstry under the name Coleman Tyre Company since 1994 which dealt with Used Tyres throughout Brisbane. ETyreStore was founded in Brisbane in 2009 with the intent of providing a well priced, new tyre product that was comparable to name brands at much lower prices. It achieved success quickly as word spread of the quality and pricing structure of the business; ETyreStore has been very successful ever since and has become a household name in the Tyre Industry.


History and Outline of Townsville Location

The Townsville Location has been operating since July 2013 and has grown considerably in that time. The Business started on Ingham Road at a small premises carrying only a few hundred tyres, it then moved in July 2014 to larger premises in Garbutt that could hold around 1000 Tyres and have enough hardstand are to begin moving into Truck Tyres. After outgrowing the Leyland Street premises about 12 months after moving in and not longer being able to carry enough stock, we decided we had to go to a mcuh larger premises with room to grow and store many thousands of tyres. This was when we moved to 36 Macrossan Street, in South Townsville. The premises were perfect due to the large concrete hard stand that has ample parking for up to 10 cars in the front and room to back in Semi Trailers for both deliveries and tyre fitting. The location features a seperated air conditioned office for staff meetings as well as a large air conditioned waiting area at the front. It also has an undercover picnic table and a small garden for customers to wait in out the front away from the noise.

The Franchise is fully kitted out with Security Systems, Cameras, Networked Computer Systems, Pallet Racking, Furniture, Interchangeable Tyre Racks, Display Racks, Tyre Fitting Machines, Balancers, Jacks and Tools.


Franchise Details

The franchise price of $50,000 includes all Tyre Fitting Equipment including 2x Tyre Platforms (Plus Stock). The franchise terms are either 3 or 5 years with options to extend available.

Current Stock Holding in the Townsville Store is $150,000.

Franchise Fees are 3% of Turnover.

Advertising Contribution are 4% of Turnover.

Forklift, Racking, Furniture and Computers are leased with the Property.

Customers come to ETyreStore for Quality Tyres at a low price, we are the Agent for Kingrun, Transtone, Bestrich and Safemax Tyres in Queensland. We have a very good relationship with the Manufacturers of all these products and import directly from the manufacturers saving our customers money and ensuring quality through good communication with the manufacturers.

This store has seen consistant growth year on year and is a fantastic investment opportunity. No experience is necessary as both initial and ongoing training will be provided by our experienced tyre technicians and trainers. We have a lot of proprietary technology that is tuilsed in the day to day running of the business, including ETyreControl Systems, Zero Balance Systems, ETyreRacking Systems with Automated Ordering and High Efficiency Tyre Fitting Training. The entire stock profile is automated allowing for less stress on the Franchisee.


Franchisee Support

As a franchisee with ETyreStore, one of the greatest benefits is the high level of support and training provided from the beginning of your franchise journey.

Even after your store has opened and the Trainers leave, you are not alone. You will have monthly on-site visits by our trainers and ongoing support from a dedicated ETyreStore Development Manager. As both mentor and coach, we will work with you to develop your business plan, this will help you master the tyre industry and help you to achieve growth and success.

The ETyreStore Support Team will also provide ongoing support in the specific areas that you may need, store marketing, operations, training and IT support.


The Steps to Owning an ETyreStore Franchise

Phone 0409 891 828 to schedule a meeting with an ETyreStore Franchise Representative.

At the meeting you will be given an overview of the Business and a walk through of the store. After this we will give you a Franchisee Application.

If your application is successful and after paying a Deposit we will then release all business financials to take to your lender (we can also help you in obtaining finance if needed)

After your lender has approved the loan, we then begin the training process up until settlement and thereafter until your fully competent in running the business. After that you can concentrate on your new life of being an ETyreStore Franchisee!