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Vitour  245 / 40 ZR 17

Tyre Size


Load Rating

95 (690 Kg)

Speed Rating

W (270 Klms/H)

Brand Name / Pattern

Vitour Enzo280

Tyre Price


Tyre Description

 The 245/40ZR17 Vitour Tempesta Enzo 280 tyre is an excellent road legal semi-slick that is great for both off road and on road adventures in the most challenging of turns and bends. They have a high treadwear rating and will last through the toughest of drivers for both fun and practical applications. Contact ETyreStore to find out more about these great tyres. The 245/40ZR17 Vitour Tempesta Enzo 280 has the following features: - Recommended rim size of 8 1/2J - Recommended maximum PSI 50 PSI (340 kPa) - Traction: AA, Treadwear: 280, Temperature: A - Section Rating: 248mm - Overall Diameter: 628mm - Load Rating: 95W (690kg) Other sizes available that will fit an 17 inch rim: 235/45ZR17 
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