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Similar to Load Ratings in Tyres are Ply Ratings, Ply Ratings refer to the number of layers that are made up to form the strengthened part of the tyre which sits directly below the tread, each ply can be made of a number of different materials, depending on whether they are the body plies (The plies that make up the bulk of the tyre and sit beneath the tread and cap plies about 15mm down) or the cap plies (the plies that guard against puncture directly beneath the tread.) The plies are generally made from steel, polyester cord, Kevlar or other composite materials. Each ply is held together and sealed with rubber which is vulcanised under pressure (curing to create an elastic hardened form).

Ply Ratings usually only refer to Truck Tyres, due to the larger number of plies needed to carry the extra weight of Heavy Vehicles, all tyres are constructed in the same way relating to the plies however the number varies greatly, and each ply can lift the load rating substantially.

The Ply Rating will usually be listed on the Sidewalls of the Tyre, generally being situated with the maximum recommended pressure.