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Speed Ratings
Speed Ratings are one of the aspects to consider on any type of vehicle when purchasing tyres. As most roads in Australia have a maximum speed limit of 110Klms/H most speed ratings found on tyres are well above what is required. Laws vary state to state, but generally if a tyre has a speed rating above 110Klms/H n trucks or trailers or, 160Klm/s/H on other vehicles it is considered legal. High Speed Ratings should definitely be fitted to weekend track vehicles, or vehicle that regualrly drive at high speeds in private facilities.
The ZR or VR is also sometimes found in tyre sizes, these were originally placed into the sizes to show they were manufactured to speciifications that allow safe use at up to 240Klms/H, VR rated tyres aren't used anymore with most manufacturers now using ZR as the standard specification. It is worth noting that while ZR is found in the tyre size it is actually not the specific speed rating, please see below to find out more about the location of your speed rating.
Speed Rating Finder
How Do I Find My Speed Rating?
Most tyres use speed ratings (with the exception of certain agricultural tyres), and whether the tyre is Metric, Imperial, or Truck Type Sizing the Speed Rating will be in roughly the same spot after the tyre size - the Speed Rating Location is shown in Purple below.
Metric Sizing Example Imperial Sizing Example Truck Sizing Example
Speed Ratings Chart
Speed Rating Kilometres (Klms/H) Miles (Mph)
E 70 Klms/H 43.50 Mph
F 80 Klms/H 49.71 Mph
G 90 Klms/H 55.92 Mph
J 100 Klms/H 62.14 Mph
K 110 Klms/H 68.35 Mph
L 120 Klms/H 74.56 Mph
M 130 Klms/H 80.78 Mph
N 140 Klms/H 86.99 Mph
P 150 Klms/H 93.21 Mph
Q 160 Klms/H 99.42 Mph
R 170 Klms/H 105.63 Mph
S 180 Klms/H 111.85 Mph
T 190 Klms/H 118.06 Mph
U 200 Klms/H 124.27 Mph
H 210 Klms/H 130.49 Mph
V 240 Klms/H 149.13 Mph
W 270 Klms/H 167.77 Mph
Y 300 Klms/H 186.41 Mph
Z Over 240 Klms/H Over 149.13 Mph