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Tyre Pressure
There are a number of points that need to be made before you can talk about the perfect tyre pressure for your vehicle.

There is a Maximum Tyre Pressure Listed on the Sidewall of all Tyres, this pressure is an indication of the Maximum Pressure, and is not necessarily the Recommended or Best Tyre Pressure For your Vehicle.

Tyre Pressure Changes as the Tyre Gets Hotter and the Rubber Expands, most information relating to Tyre Pressure is based on Cold Tyres.

A General Rule for Tyre Pressures is the less pressure the softer the ride, but this affects both Handling, Fuel Consumption and Tyre Tread Wear Negitively. High Tyre Pressure Improves Tyre Tread Wear Most, Creating less friction with the Road, this in turn improves fuel economy. High Tyre Pressure increases Handling Capabilities of a vehicle, due to the harder tyres improving feedback from the Road Surface.

The following material is a guide only, always check the manufacturers Tyre Placard on your vehicle for both the Recommended Tyre Sizing and Recommended Tyre Pressure (The Tyre Placard usually found in the Driver's Door Sill, In the Glove Box, under the petrol filling flap or under the bonnet.) The manufacturers information is always the most relevant as it relates directly to your vehicle. Charts are based on Cold Tyre Pressure.

There are a Number of chart below, the first are listed in Psi, Psi is a standard unit of measurement within the tyre industry, it refers to Pounds of Force per Square Inch. The second Charts refer to kPa, kPa is not as commonly used as psi, but is listed on almost all Tyre Pressure guages. We have already done the Conversion for your convenience on the charts below.
Small Size Car Pressure
Car Type Pressure Range (Psi) Usually Best at
Standard Small Car 30 Psi to 36 Psi 32 Psi
Small Sports Car 32 Psi to 38 Psi 36 Psi
Small SUV (AWD Wagon) 32 Psi to 40 Psi 38 Psi
Small Utility 32 Psi to 40 Psi 36 Psi
Mid-Size Car Pressure
Car Type Pressure Range (Psi) Usually Best at
Medium Small Car 32 Psi to 40 Psi 36 Psi
Medium Sports Car 34 Psi to 42 Psi 40 Psi
Medium SUV (AWD Wag) 34 Psi to 40 Psi 38 Psi
Medium Utility 32 Psi to 44 Psi 40 Psi
Large Size Car Pressure
Car Type Pressure Range (Psi) Usually Best at
Large Small Car 36 Psi to 42 Psi 38 Psi
Large Sports Car 36 Psi to 50 Psi 44 Psi
Large SUV (AWD Wagon) 38 Psi to 46 Psi 42 Psi
Large Utility 40 Psi to 50 Psi 44 Psi